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Rational and Background

The Ka-Entrep Micro and Small Entrepreneurs Organization of the Philippines, Inc. (Ka-Entrep) is a non-stock, not-for-profit organization that was established in November 16, 2007. It is composed of micro entrepreneurs who belong to different industries mainly from Metro Manila. Ka-Entrep aims to alleviate poverty in our country by helping micro and small entrepreneurs grow and strengthen their enterprises through character and leadership trainings, entrepreneurial events, networking and advocacy.

The organization was created primarily to consolidate the sector of micro entrepreneurs in the Philippines, who in 2012, number to 844,764 or 89.4 percent of the total Enterprises in the Philippines, and the small entrepreneurs, at 92,027 or 9.74% of total enterprises. Together, they total to 936,791 enterprises or 99.14% of total registered enterprises. Though statistics has shown the immensity in number of this sector which can be a strong and potent force to help improve the country’s economy and alleviate poverty, the micro and small entrepreneurs remain invisible and unrepresented both in Congress and in government. It is for this reason why Ka-Entrep was conceived, organized and established.

The creation of Ka-Entrep was long and arduous. Its birth was a result of a long labor and unwavering conviction of those who believed in the potential of the sector to help lead the Philippines out of the quagmire. There had been doubts and skepticism regarding the possibility of ever organizing the micro entrepreneurs, much less so, consolidating the sector. But the call and the need for its creation superseded all impediments. Thus, Ka-Entrep, a brain child of the Center for Small Entrepreneurs (CSE) was conceived in November 30, 2004 as an entrepreneurs-for-others program dubbed as the Ka-Entrep program.

CSE initiated the creation of the organization by conducting the first orientation for micro entrepreneurs in November 30 of that same year. The orientation was attended by some 36 micro entrepreneurs from the different parts of Metro Manila. It was followed by a series of character formation seminars and culminated in the graduation of successful attendees that made them the first batch of full-fledged members of the Ka-Entrep Program.

With the success of the first batch, the CSE continued conducting more orientations and formation seminars to succeeding batches of participants. These orientation and formation phases paved the way for both recruitment and preparation of prospective members.

In January 2007, selected members of the different batches were assigned to create the Ka-Entrep Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. The final version of which were presented in the first General Assembly in June 28, 2007 and was approved by the general membership during that same assembly. It was also during this time that the organization’s general membership elected 13 of their colleagues to comprise the first set of Board of Trustees (BOT) while two other members of the BOT came from the CSE Board of Trustees.

On the same date, Area Councils, the grouping of members according to their business’ geographic location, were created to facilitate the organization’s services and communication to its members. Each Council had their own set of officers, who collectively form the organization’s Management Committee (ManCom).

Ka-Entrep Organization was formally launched in November 30, 2007 at the SM Megamall’s Megatrade Hall and was marked by the visit to the Philippines of delegates from UNIZO, Ka-Entrep’s Belgian counterpart. On this same day, a trade fair was set-up that featured the products and businesses of Ka-Entrep members.

In June 2009, Ka-Entrep started to test its organizational capabilities as an organization by managing its day to day organizational operations and organizing work. CSE transferred majority of its organizing activities to Ka-Entrep with the corresponding budget. An Organizational Development Specialist Provider was tapped to give technical support and strengthen the Ka-Entrep organization. The BOT formulated an Operational Plan (OP) for 2010 for submission to CSE and Trias. The OP outlines the activities Ka-Entrep will undertake as part of their initial organizational operations independent of their mother organization.

In November 2009, Ka-Entrep hired 2 staff that will oversee the day-to-day administrative and financial matters of the organization. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with CSE was formulated that states partnership and collaboration of the two organizations.

In January 2010, Trias, the funding agency, approved the Operational Plan and Ka-Entrep received a grant through CSE for the year. An Operations Manager was hired in February, Ka-Entrep also held its 4th General Assembly in the said month, and the general membership elected the 2nd set of BOT and officers. Also, election of new Council Heads and officers were held.

In May 2010, Trias initially approved the 2011-2013 Operational Plan; Ka-Entrep transferred to its new office; Leadership Trainings for leaders and members were conducted; and another staff, a Council Coordinator, was hired to help Ka-Entrep in strengthening the councils.

Since its creation, the Ka-Entrep has been actively campaigning for the empowerment of the micro entrepreneurs in the country. It continues to establish linkages with various government offices including the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Local Government Units (LGUs), and with other Non-government Organizations (NGO’s) both in the Philippines and other countries. Trainings for the continued education and capability-building of its members have become regular activities of Ka-Entrep. From the initial 36 participants, the organization has already significantly grown its membership base to 617, as of December 2014. The task of empowering the micro entrepreneurs has started and will persist and carry on as long as there are many micro entrepreneurs whose voice have not been heard and whose welfare and rights have not been upheld and protected.

Ka-Entrep Vision and Mission

What we want to be. The Ka-Entrep Vision.

A pro-active and dynamic micro and small entrepreneurs’ organization
embodying and espousing responsible entrepreneurship.

What we do. The Ka-Entrep Mission.

Ka-Entrep is committed to work for the empowerment, development and strengthening of micro and small entrepreneurs by:

  • 1. promoting the welfare, interests and rights of micro and small entrepreneurs

  • 2. enabling our members to develop and grow character-based and environment-friendly enterprises

  • 3. enhancing the entrepreneurial talents and skills of its members towards growth and sustainability

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Ka-Entrep Core Values

C– commitment. We value and keep our word of honor.
O– organization. We value being organized in everything we plan and do.
R– responsibility. We value taking ownership of the organization’s mission, vision, and activities.
D– discipline. We value making the right choices and doing it the right way.

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Ka-Entrep Battlecry

This is our call:

“Empower the micro-entrepreneur. Empower the nation.”

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Ka-Entrep Code of Honor


  • We believe that our journey to greatness is guided by the Living God and everything we do is for His greater glory and honor for the country.
  • We commit to the organization's mission and vision; protect, defend and uphold its purpose and by-laws; and abide by its rules and regulations. We put mission first, team second and individual last in terms of priority.
  • We support the organization's goals, projects and activities. We actively pursue the general welfare of micro - entrepreneurs to bring out the greatness of each other as our contribution to the economic alleviation of our country.
  • We are proactive and participate actively by sharing our time, treasure and unique talents. We focus on what works and do whatever it takes to accomplish a task diligently and excellently.
  • We take full responsibility of the tasks entrusted to us and are likewise accountable. We maintain transparency at all times.
  • We give utmost value to our organization's resources and our environment. We advocate environment friendly practices. We clean as we go, protect, conserve, and share its benefits in accordance with our governing and natural laws.
  • We honor all commitments and pay all dues promptly.
  • We uphold our moral values guided by our conscience. We refrain from immoral and indecent acts.
  • We seek and uphold the truth. We persevere in evoking what is true and courageously stand by it.
  • We are honest in all business dealings guided by the principles of equality, justice and integrity.


  • We dedicate ourselves to the growth of our enterprises and individual well-being through continuing education and sustained development.
  • We have professional prestige. We carry business on a high ethical level and ensure delivery of quality products and services.
  • We practice honesty and fairness and maintain transparency in all dealings and transactions. We say NO to illegal business practices.
  • We do not supplant other members just to get the contract or business deal. We promote fair and healthy competition.
  • We value Filipino ingenuity thus, promoting Filipino products and services locally and globally.
  • We are pro-active and plan ahead. We recognize the importance of having a plan because "If we fail to plan, we plan to fail."
  • We promote the rights and welfare of workers.


  • We respect each other's individuality, ideas, opinions, culture and religion.
  • We are courteous. We say "Thank you," "Good morning," "Please," "You're welcome," "It's my pleasure to serve,"Sorry" and "Excuse me".
  • We are just. We deal fairly in all our transactions. We go for win-win or no deal philosophy.
  • We celebrate all wins. We recognize and appreciate accomplishments and contributions.
  • We do not let personal issues stand in the way of our post or task. We take full responsibility at all times.
  • We communicate effectively by listening actively to another person's point of view. We deal directly and settle issues in the first opportunity. We communicate any potential broken agreement in the earliest possible time. If problem arises, we first look to the system for corrections and then communicate our solution to the person who can do something about it.
  • We stand by our word of honor. We apologize if a breach is made, correct and/or compensate immediately.
  • We think, speak supportively, act appropriately and with purpose. We do not engage in backbiting, gossiping, put-downs or uttering offensive language.
  • We maintain a healthy body and a sound mind to be able to dedicate ourselves in sustaining and further growing our enterprise.
  • We do not engage in illegal drugs.

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Ka-Entrep Programs and Services

We commit to work for the empowerment, development and strengthening of micro and small entrepreneurs by:



Business Orientation Leadership Training & Seminars

Ka-Entrep Formation

Organization and character formation

P.R.O. Tour

Planning and Reach-Out Tour


Entrepreneurial Counseling

Leader's Night Out

A quarterly focus group discussion among leaders

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Assistance for start-ups, home-based & online entrepreneurs.


Business Promotion, Book Bidding and bonding


Entrepreneur's Bazaar


Assistance for tri-media promotion


Internet and Netowrking Assistance

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Entrep Desk

Entrepreneurs information desk in LGU's and Government Agencies

Entreps DAY!

Family and Fun Day


Business Convergence


Newsletters and Council Information Center

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Membership Types and Benefits


They are Ka-Entreps who are yet to have their businesses -- students, professionals, anyone interested in entrepreneurship.
  • Email update on entrepreneurship
  • Any amount to serve as donation to Ka-entrep
  • Annual Dues (PHP 240.00)


They are Ka-Entreps who operate businesses, who have yet to complete their business licenses and permits.
  • Can join Linking with members and Promote Business
  • Annual Dues (PHP 600.00)


They are Ka-Entreps who operate businesses with complete permits and licenses.
  • Priority in Leadership Trainings
  • Priority in Enterprises Counseling
  • Can conduct livelihood Trainings
  • Annual Dues (PHP 1200.00)

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Local Council and Ka-Entrep Enterprise Centers

Ka-Entrep North

Covers the cities of Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela and including all provinces north of Metro Manila.

Treasurer: Maricris Oliva

Ka-Entrep Quezon City

Covers the the cities of Quezon.

President: Grace Barrios
Vice-President: Arthur Ilagan
Secretary: Leonard Langote III
Treasurer: Gina A. Paler

Ka-Entrep Makati

Covers the cities of Makati, Pasay, San Juan, Mandaluyong and Pasig.

President: Carl Grafin
Vice-President: Gbert Tongo
Secretary: Arlyn Sadero
Treasurer: Al Arriesgado

Ka-Entrep Manila

Covers the whole of the City of Manila.

President: Bart Abaya
Vice President: Leandro Tabilog
Secretary: Riza Angcahan
Treasurer: Gely Rabaja

Ka-Entrep Marikina

Covers the whole of the City of Marikina.

President: Alice Lucas
Vice President: Corazon Lejano
Secretary: Sherlyn Dela Cruz
Treasurer: Cristina Loyola

Ka-Entrep South

Covers the cities of Taguig, Pateros, Paranaque, Las Pinas, Muntinlupa,
and including all provinces South of Metro Manila.

President: Fatima Gabriel
Vice President: Election
Secretary: Election
Treasurer: Election

Ka-Entrep Bulacan

Covers the entire province of Bulacan.

Vice President:

Ka-Entrep Parañaque

Covers the whole of the City of Parañaque.

President: Joseph Arnold De Guzman
Vice President: Adelaida Dangan
Secretary: Maria Patricia Paraiso
Treasurer: Josephine Recto

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